Studioset Production LogoFormed back in 2007 by a group of like-minded creatives, Studioset has finally come of age. Like any good wine, the taste has become full-bodied and boasts a sophisticated bouquet …

But any experienced sommelier talks about good old bottles, rather than good old vintages. Because it’s the bottle that counts – the environment in which the wine is matured.

And Studioset has always strived to be a place that attracts, nurtures and promotes creativity. Whether it is commercial, branded content, film, music video, VR or any other format, we aim for complexity and character. We present a selection of directors from the experienced to up-and-coming, and together with our full house facilities, we can refine a successful project from its conception to completion, always sure to leave you with a rich and flavourful finish.


Known for its pittoresque and scenic landscapes, rounding up a wide range of relief forms, including large fields, secular mountains, a unique delta, and the Black Sea,

Romania offers a variety of breathtaking and accessible locations.

Either we are talking about the extremely diverse rural settings, the multi-cultural and eclectic nature of the capital or the medieval, fairy-tale like historical cities one thing is certain: you will not get bored too easy here.

With increasing Hollywood projects in the pipeline and alongside some hard to overlook advantages – such as:

  • a solid and reliable infrastructure of competent and effective crew teams (specialized in film, TV and screen-based art),
  • a varied range of specialized equipment – covering everything from commercials to feature films, at affordable rates – and last but not least:
  • a politically stable, safe & non-unionized region
  • the recent approval of generous incentives to boost film business (Romania vies the usual range of rebates of production spend with a 35% offer)

Romania’s presence on the global production industry can only continue to expand into a cinematic qualitative and diverse playground.

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